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Maple Syrup



We produce consumable options for your family (Human & Animal). From the breakfast table to the stable, we have you covered. We produced our first crop of Hay in 2023 on 35 acres and sold out! In 2024, we expanded our hay field acreage by another 10 acres to help fulfill the growing demand. We're excited for another great year. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on future field cuttings or if you're interested in purchasing other products.


Our Hay fields were planting in the spring of 2023 in an effort to revitalize the land and create a product to support our local equine community. We have 4 fields that span a total of 45 acres. Our pure grass field is the largest section and covers close to 15 acres. We cut and bale 10-15 acres at a time, with each field averaging 1,000 small square bales per cutting. Depending on order volume and customer requests, we can also bale the hay into large round bales. We add fertilizer to our fields but do not add any herbicides (nor preservatives after bailing). Our traditional process includes mowing with a traditional disc mower, tedder, rake, and a small square bailer. We currently do not offer delivery.

Hay Options 

Alfalfa & Grass (50/50 Mix)

Pure Grass

We have 2 10 acre sections that produce 50/50 grass and alfalfa mix. 

Our 25 acre grass field includes timothy, brome grass, ryegrass, and fescue

Naturally Organic Syrup

Each year, we try our hand at quality maple syrup. In 2023, we've expanded to 30 trees. We made about 3 gallons last harvest and hope to continue to expand each year. We're continuing to learn about various ways to process the syrup and try new recipes.

Syrup Flavors

Maple Blend

We tested a new blend past year, we're pleased to say the kids like this recipe almost better than traditional syrup! 

Pure Sugar Maple

We've spent the last couple years perfecting the traditional sugar maple syrup. Typically, 30 gallons of sap will boil down to 1 gallons of syrup. Our coloring is a light amber and very rich in taste.


Fresh Produce

We have a mid-sized garden producing a nice variety of vegetables and fresh herbs. Near our farm house, we have a 30 tree orchard which has 4 variety of apples, blueberry bushes, cherries, and plums. We're excited to see how our produce evolves over the years. Our goal is to sell or donate local produce to our community. 

Produce Options


We grow a variety of tomatoes, peppers, onions, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, kale, spinach and lettuce.

Periodically, we may have fresh herbs available.  



We grow strawberries, apples, plums, blueberries, blackberries, and cherries. We recently started growing these plants so it may take a couple years to become available to our customers and neighbors. 

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